Rock of Hope - A Home for many

Ebenezer Hannah Home was founded in 1992 by Pastor Thomas and his wife Shirley Merime. It is located 20 minutes south of Johannesburg.  Its is now managed by Ms. Virginie Merime and her husband. The guiding principle of the institution is to enable a normal, happy life for orphaned children and elderly people. The home consists of three areas: one for the orphaned children, one for HIV infected orphaned children (close to 50%) and a third complex for elderly people who don’t have family or anyone to turn to. The number of residents varies as new children are continuously accepted and adolescents leave the home but is currently at around 135. The youngest is a few months old, the oldest over 90 years. The only prerequisite for being admitted to the home is to be able to walk. This is important as every resident contributes to the home, either in the garden, the bakery, the kitchen or the library. Caregivers for disabled people are unfortunately not available.

The founders

Pastor Thomas and Mama Shirley grew up as orphans themselves, they met when they were just 8 years old and later realized they had a mission together: help those who suffered a hardship that they knew all too well.

The residents

Ebenezer is home to orphaned children (among those many HIV infected and some mentally disabled) and elderly people who don’t have family or anyone to turn to.  Please click below to find out more about some of the residents.

Virginie Merime

Daughter in law Virginie Merime assumed responsibility for running the house when mother Shirely and Pastor Thomas passed away. She has a lot of expertise because she has been working at the facility for a long time, serving among other roles as manager of the bakery and all HR-related matters.