The residents and some of their stories

All children have Shirley’s last name as she considers all of them her own kids.

Faith Marie Merime

Faith was found on December 9 2007 at 8:45 pm with 5 diapers in a plastic bag when she was 3 days old. Somebody left her at Ebenezer’s gates. Faith was rushed to nearby Chris Hani hospital as her tiny body was covered with blue  marks and a rash. Doctors later confirmed that someone tried to poison her. Faith spent 2 weeks in hospital. She underwent an HIV test – results came back negative. Shirley called the little girl Faith Merime.

Grace Hope Merime

This little girl was found by police officers in an electric power station when she was 1 day old. She was still covered in her umbilical cord. On December 17th she was brought to Ebenezer where she was named Grace Hope Merime. Grace underwent an HIV test – results came back negative. Grace is doing well, getting bigger and stronger every day.

Samkeilo & Samkelisiwe Keledi

The twins Samkeilo (boy) and Samkelisiwe (girl) were brought to Ebenezer by a social worker on January 17th 2009 when they were 5 months old. Their biological mother was HIV infected and for health reasons not able to take care of the twins. The twins are also HIV infected but they are well taken care of – as all babies and children they are receiving all the love and care they need.