Change a Life at the "Fernweh Festival"

In November Change a Life was invited to the “Fernweh Festival” in Erlangen. We are very thankful for having been given the opportunity to present our projects to thousands of visitors at the festival. Many interesting and inspiring conversations took

place at our booth and we were able to raise not only money but also generate ideas for the future of our association.


In that context, we are currently thinking about expanding Change a Life to support further projects. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in being a part of our organization.


The festival was a great success for Change a Life and we were able to raise 500€ in donations by visitors and we received another 600€ from the administrators of the event. Shirley will use the money toward the renovation of the quarters of the elderly.


Below article was published by the NN about the event.

Gratitude and good wishes from Mama Shirley

"Greetings to All


God bless you for all your Love, all your faithfulness, all your kindness and for every extra mile you take to touch a life and to bring new hope where it is needed. You are very very special and very much appreciated. Thank you for never looking at the distance, how far you have to go, but you always look at the need to see who's life you can change.


This is how you touch the heart of God. Thank you for always being a blessing and for every seed you sow, your harvest will increase in all areas of your life. God will always shine His face upon you'll, wherever you'll go. His favor will multiply in everything you touch and wherever you go. Great and mighty blessings will follow you'll 24/7 for all your obedience and faithfulness to God. No evil will befall thee, that's how the Lord will cover thee with a Special Anointing. 

You will be blessed in your finance, in your health, in your family life, in your ministry, in your workplace, amongst your friends, clients and in the midst of your enemy.

Gods peace will be over you all the time. Thank you for always being a blessing. You are amazing and very special.


Best Regards


Mama Shirley Merime / Chairperson / EBENEZER HANNAH HOME"

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