A home for orphaned children and elderly people

Who we are

Our foundation was founded under German tax law after Evelyn Zemke eye witnessed the suffering and hardship in the townships in the Johannesburg area.


Searching for a suitable local organization she reached out to Ebenezer Hannah Home. At various occasions we visited the home to assure ourselves that Shirley, the manager of the home and mother of all children, spends every cent responsibly – ensuring that the residents of the home have food, shelter and the most basic amenities. The home is certified by the South African authorities as a charitable organization. They do not, however get any government support and rely solely on donations.


As we are a very small foundation we cover all administrative costs by ourselves. This ensures that 100% of every donation reaches the children and elderly people at Ebenezer.


We are officially recognized as a charitable organization and will issue official tax certificates for every donation.